HATCH Global Start-up Day

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Hatch start-up day HATCH Global Start-up Day

In 2018 the Cluster partnered up with HATCH, The World’s First Aquaculture Accelerator. This week HATCH is back in Bergen to learn from the most important players in the seafood industry. Connecting the startups participating in HATCH with the most important players in aquaculture, both in Norway and internationally is one of the key roles of the program.

13 start-ups of the HATCH cohort will pitch their businesss to an audience. The start-up companies participating are Algeaba, Catchtrade, Dynaspace, Gaskiya, Genetirate, Feedvax, Impact – 9, Kinnva, Kuhnle, Montana Microbials, Nitrogen Sensing Solutions, Symbrosia and Univiv.

For information of the HATCH Accelerator and the start-ups see www.hatch.blue or here.

The event is open everyone interested in cutting edge innovations.

After the pitching, there will be 1:1 meetings for invited companies.


Date:    22. October 2019
Venue: DNB, Solheimsgaten 7C, Bergen
Time:   HATCH Pitching Day: 09:00-12:30
Time:   1:1 meetings: 12:30-14:00

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09.00 – 09.10: Introduction of the Day two by Björgolfur Hávardsson

09.10 – 09.20: Algaeba

Algaeba is an aquaculture technology company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is primarily focused on a PL and live feed counter, and automated hatchery that helps to produce high quality post-larvae. Founded in 2016, and added computer vision to product in 2018.

09.20 – 09.30: Catchatrade

Catchatrade is an integrated B2B online seafood marketplace. Demo product completed and consulting with key industry players in China. Catchatrade plans to target the top four aquaculture producing countries: China, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

09.30 – 09.40: Dynaspace

Dynaspece is based in Norway, Dynaspace provides an algal bloom detection and warning system, predicting and forecasting algae blooms by using state-of-the-art satellite remote sensing, in-situ measurements, and machine learning algorithms.

09.40 – 09.50: Gaskiya

Gaskiya develops low cost, paper-based, diagnostic test kits, currently focused on streptococcus for a target species of Tilapia.

09.50 – 10.00: Genetirate 

GenetiRate, Inc. is a Tucson Arizona based company that uses patented technology to identify aquatic organisms that are inherently superior for growth and feed efficiency.

10.00 – 10.15: Break 15 min.

10.15 – 10.25: Feedvax

FeedVax develops a platform of oral vaccines that will reduce the use of antibiotics, eliminate fish stress and simplify farmer’s life, specifically for Streptococcosis in tilapia. Based in Argentina.

10.25 – 10.35: Impact – 9

Impact -9 develops new mechanical and structural solutions for offshore applications, mainly focused on novel mooring and anchoring solutions for offshore fish containers. Enabling aquaculture operations to move into more exposed environments.

10.35 – 10.45: Kinnva

Kinnva utilizes innovative fermentation technologies and intensified processing methods to produce high-value biochemicals and biomaterials for Feed and Food applications. Kinnva’s vision is about “feeding our future” and its mission is to build sustainable platforms to produce high-value biochemicals and biomaterials from an abundant resource that does not compete with the human food chain.

10.45 – 10.55: Kuhnle

Hawaii-based biotechnology company that uses microalgae and other organisms to develop specialty chemicals and raw materials (such as astaxanthin).

10.55 – 11.05: Montana Microbials 

Montana Microbials develops plant based protein. Creating an enzymatic treatment for barley that produces a high-value protein concentrate for use in aquaculture feed. The company operates a fully equipped microbiology/biochemistry laboratory and a bioprocess pilot plant for scale up.

11.05 – 11.20: Break 15min.

11:20 – 11.30: Nitrogen sensing solutions

Nitrogen Sensing Solutions (NSS) develops new sensors for monitoring nitrogen compounds in water.

11.30 – 11.40: Symbrosia

Symbrosys develops efficient growing methodology seaweed for the purpose of methane reduction in ruminant animals.

11.40 – 11.50: Univiv

An Ireland based company culturing a particular strain of Archaea as an aquaculture pond additive. Trials have shown the archaea to increase production and reduce inputs (such as aeration needs). The addition reduces sludge, COD, and ammonia, while increasing oxygen in the ponds and improving feed conversion ratios.

11.50 – 12.20: Lunch

12.20 – 14.00: 1:1 meetings  1-1 Meetings 22.10.2019 Bilde logo l

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HATCH Global Start-up Day

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