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Bilde Havlunsj Katapult Ocean Accelerator Portfolio

Det skjer mye spennende i havnæringene og på denne HAVlunsjen ønsker vi å presentere 10 av selskapene som deltar i Katapult Ocean’s akselerator-program.

Dato:   30. januar, 2019
Tid:      Kl. 11:30-12:30
Sted:   Thormøhlensgate 51, 2. etasje Vilvite

Arrangementet er åpent og gratis for alle som har en interesse for havnæringene, men krever påmelding pga lunsjservering.




ARC Marine (UK) – disrupting the marine industry by accelerating reef creation in offshore construction projects which historically have caused damage and pollution

ARC Marine Limited is an award-winning eco-engineering company established in June 2015 to develop and deploy advanced materials and technology to accelerate reef creation on a global scale. We provide non-toxic substrate and robust sustainable habitats for marine species to re-establish themselves and flourish. We employ a mixture of engineers and marine scientists, many of whom are experienced commercial divers. 

Hydrolift Autonoumous City Ferries (Norway) – Our smart, green ferries will revolutionize urban transport systems globally 

Hydrolift Smart City Ferries (HSCF) is building tomorrow’s electric ferry for autonomous transportation of passengers and goods within the city. By deploying a complete, smart and modular transportation system onto underutilised urban water ways, HSCF will increase transportation efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional urban transport. By reducing Co2, pollution, dust, smell and noise, the ferries will help cities to become sustainable, smarter and will become a preferred urban transport solution globally. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries is a part of Eker Group, which consists of several high performance and cutting edge technology companies – developing products with a distinctive design. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries has teamed up with Katapult Ocean to reach the whole world through a global network.

Innomar (Norway) – Innomar AS makes fishing sustainable 

Innomar AS develops highly efficient fishing traps which can be equipped with sensors for catch monitoring and traceability. Our effective fish traps catch fish in a sustainable manner that is gentle to the seabed. The company works with a team of world class researchers, and develops new tools based on scientific data observation. Our clients are fishermen, fish farmers and distributors. The company has received international interest for its technologies and products.

Marimetrics (Canada) – Marimetrics has developed a real time aquatic animal health diagnostic tool for aquaculture 

Marimetrics has developed a real-time diagnostic tool for applications in aquaculture, offshore energy, process industries, and research. Our precision instrumentation measures multiple chemical compounds simultaneously in a single package. Marimetrics data enables industry leaders to make informed decisions and operate sustainably in the marine environment.

Nautix Technologies (Denmark) – Nautix provides next-generation ship management software for smarter, safer, and more reliable ship operations 

We digitize chaotic paper/pdf based operational processes into digital work instructions, enabling the sea staff to increase work efficiency. Our integrated safety workflows with risk prediction capabilities reduce human error, saving 10-30% direct cost of incidents avoided for our customers.

Oceanium (UK) – Marine-safe bio-packaging and plant-based food & nutrition products from sustainably-farmed seaweed

Oceanium is a biotech start up with a mission it to mitigate climate change, ensure food security and create jobs across the value chain by enabling a sustainable seaweed farming industry in UK/Europe/RoW. Utilising a biorefinery approach, Oceanium develops products from sustainably-farmed seaweed to meet the growing consumer and corporate demand for home compostable, marine-safe bio-packaging, and plant-based food & nutrition ingredients. Established in June 2018 by CTO Dr. Charlie Bavington and CEO Karen Scofield Seal in June 2018, Oceanium is based at the European Marine Science Park in Oban, Scotland with an office in London. Although a young organisation, Oceanium is moving forward apace and has the support of Katapult Ocean, Sky Ocean Ventures, innovate UK, IBIOC, Crown Estate Scotland and The Centre for Process Innovation.

Pinovo (Norway) – Clean and Circular Abrasive Blasting Method for Surface Treatment – stopping microplastics from entering the Ocean (Paint = Plastic) 

Pinovo is a global supplier of innovative and patented technology for abrasive vacuum blasting of industrial surfaces. Our system is completely dust free and prevents paint residuals (microplastic) from entering the environment and the ocean. We develop, sell and rent out systems and services to a wide range of industries. Our closed loop grit blasting technology saves money, improves HSE and protects the environment, without compromising on surface quality. Pinovo provides our clients with a fast track, high impact tool to improve their environmental footprint.

Raino Tech4Impact (Kenya) – Leveraging technology to decentralize and democratize cold-chain access in fisheries and aquaculture in East Africa, reducing cost and entry barriers 

In Africa, post-harvest losses remains a huge challenge for farmers in especially rural Sub-Sahara Africa due to lack of adequate infrastructure. In fisheries, its estimated it’s up to 40% of income loss happens post-harvest. At Raino Tech4Impact, we provide sustainable offgrid KEEP IT COOL cold chain and related logistics to fishermen and fish farmers to help them manage post-harvest losses and access distant markets, using innovative business model and value addition which includes providing market access, handling, traceability and quality assurance.

Sanoor Technologies (USA) – Sanoor has developed a cutting-edge optics solution that will enable next generation sub sea communications. 

SaNoor Technologies Inc. is developing laser-based visible light communication (VLC) devices and systems for high-speed, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and safe wireless data communication. SaNoor is addressing the immediate demanding for high-speed underwater wireless data link for environmental monitoring, equipment management, process flow automation, and many other industrial applications. Combining laser lighting and data communication functionalities in one system, SaNoor Laser LiFi offers 50x longer transmission distance and 100x higher data rates compared to the conventional LED technology. SaNoor’s mission is to provide technical solutions for ultimate connectivity in challenging environments, especially for enabling Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), and utilize our expertise to create an autonomous world.

Tracio (Iceland) – Keeping seafood fresh and safe

Tracio is a startup company from Iceland with a team of  Seafood Veterans, IoT experts, and lifelong entrepreneurs that want to change how we understand and manage freshness and food safety for Seafood and most importantly making seafood more sustainable for our planet. Every year 47 million tonnes of food is wasted in European households. More than 10% of that, or 8 billion USD worth of food is still safe to eat. The problem is that the best best-before label can never tell us the true state of the product as it doesn’t take into account the handling and storage in the supply chain. To solve this problem they are developing a new system based on chemical sensors and visual indicators that detect spoilage gases, and with machine learning, offer dynamic expiry dates and freshness indication all the way from production to the fridge at home.

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