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We invite to Partner Meeting for discussions of further development of the seafood cluster.

The Partner Meeting will be kick-off for a strategy process in defining how we in the coming years best can create value for owners, cluster members and the industry in general.
Since taken up in the NCE program, we have had a high level of activity. In the further development of the cluster organization, we want to focus the strategic areas of priority, the services we offer and the business model. As a starting point for the strategy process, we will get to know more about clusters and innovative ecosystems and challenges and opportunities in the seafood cluster.
We invite to a meeting with close involvement from decision-makers where we will facilitate dialogue, interaction and involvement of the participants in designing of the strategy for The Seafood Innovation Cluster. 


14:00-14:10       Welcome, Einar Wathne, Chairman of the Board, The Seafood                                              Innovation Cluster

14:10-14:20       Introduction and program, Tanja Hoel, CEO, The Seafood
                         Innovation Cluster
                         Experiences from internship in The Seafood Innovation Cluster,
                         Linn Skoglund and Eline Vetlesand, HVL

14:20-14:40       “Regjeringens havstrategi”, Roy Angelvik, State Secretary for the                                       Minister of Fisheries and the Minister of Trade and Industry

14:40-14.50        Break

14:50-15.10       “Supercluster” – Future perspectives of cluster development,
                          Kristianne Paasche, Special Advisor, Innovation Norway

15:10-15:40       AquaCloud, a strategic digital innovation platform supporting growth,                                 Trond Kathenes, CIO Grieg Seafood Group

15:40-15:45       Presentation of the winner of AquaHACK,
                         Natalie Brennan and Erica McConell, Students UiB

15:45-16:20       Break and dinner buffet

16:20-16:50       Clusters and innovative ecosystems, Torger Reve, Professor BI

16:50-17:45       Challenges and opportunities in the seafood cluster – how can The                                      Seafood Innovation Cluster act as a strategic tool for our members?

                 Discussion with cluster partners:

                 Einar Wathne, Cargill Aqua Nutrition

                 Torger Reve, BI

                 Kristianne Paasche, Innovation Norway

                 Jarl Giske, UiB

                 Mari Moren, Nofima

                 Preben Imset Matre, Aquabyte

                 Anders Haugland, BTO

                 Moderator: Solveig Holm, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

18:00-22.00       Transportation to Marineholmen Beach Club where we have arranged 
                         participation at the after party and grand opening of the new beach
                         including barbeque, bar, entertainment and access to VIP Beach club.

Participation and registration:

Participation is free for members of NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Registration at post@seafoodinnovation.no by June 5th.

When: June 7th, 14:00-18:00, with after party at Marineholmen Beach Club

Where: Norges Fiskerimuseum, "Bod 24", Bergen




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Partner Meeting

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