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SDGs 2_7_13_14 The future of global seafood

Sustainable seafood to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This year the Seafood sector will organize a competency forum where we will discuss potential game-changing transformations in the global seafood production system. Some future scenarios indicate that substantial changes are possible for both wild capture fisheries and aquaculture, but often ecological, financial, social, and technological limitations are not adequately accounted, leading to unexpected surprises.

Planning for the future without taking these into account also miss many opportunities emerging from novel innovations and synergies with the sustainable development goals and businesses. We bring together the leadership and expertise to strategize on these future possibilities.

The participants in this forum could be future leaders helping to meet the sustainable development goals. We will brainstorm on how the seafood global production network can be harnessed to provide people healthy, nutritious, sustainably caught and farmed seafood to help meet the protein, lipid, and micronutrient demands for a growing world population.

Many wild-capture fisheries are overharvested, but rebuilding of stocks is possible with better management. Today aquaculture currently produces half of the seafood consumed, but to expand we must find sustainable feed sources and better deal with disease, for example.

The Future of Global Seafood Competency Forum will convene leading scientists, innovative seafood production companies, key decision makers, and multinational NGOs, to identify the key areas of expertise, strategies, and partnerships needed in future scenarios to make sure that fisheries actively contribute to thriving communities, companies and the biosphere.   

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