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Sustainability and transparency in the new blue economy With a growing world population, annual supply needed from the aquaculture sector must further surpass that from capture fisheries, reaching 62% in 2030, to maintain current consumption levels per capita. This presents tremendous challenges to the sector, to policy makers and to the aquaculture community at large. Improving perceptions of the sector will be instrumental if the goal is to be achieved.

The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Marine Resources Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission and the Norwegian EU delegation.

When              12th of April
Time               10.00-14.00
Where             Norway House, Rue Archimède 17            

The following prominent speakers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark will give talks addressing the possibilities of sustainability and transparency in the new blue economy:

Jarl Giske, University of Bergen, Norway

Ole Torrissen, ‎Principal Research Scientist, Institute of Marine Research, Norway

Jacques Fuchs, DG R&I, Deputy Head of Unit, Marine Resources, Switzerland

Henrik Österblom, Science Deputy-Director, Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden

Kristine Gramstad, Global Communication Director, Marine Harvest, Norway

Livar Frøyland, Research Director at National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Norway

Karl Tore Mæland, Head of Quality, Cargill Nutrition, Norway

Prof. Michael St. John, Danish Technical University – AQUA, Denmark

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