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Sustainable Growth Summit 2015 – Norwegian Seafood Innovations Global Impacts

Sustainability – taking a broader view

How to sustainably feed a world population of more than nine billion with sufficient and nutritious food? This question frames the core challenge that the Sustainable Growth Summit aims to address.

“Norwegian Seafood Innovations – Global Impacts” will engage renowned experts in their fields, from science, to business and politics on issues vital to the global sustainable agenda. The Sustainable Growth Summit will contribute to new and elaborated insights and means for the development of management and governance practices for a better sustainable food future.


How can the Norwegian seafood sector contribute to addressing existing global challenges? 

Can aquaculture increase the resilience of global food production system? 

Sustainability – How it is transforming business and changing the world?

Addressing sustainability issues in salmon farming, and technologies for change Registration opens 1st of September 2015 Read more

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