EU Advisory

As part of our services, we provide advice about EU funding for our partners and members. The EU Advisor in the cluster aims to reinforce the cluster’s EU strategy, which was adopted by the board in April 2020. In line with the strategy, the EU Advisor in the cluster works to:

  • Provide advice for the cluster members about possibilities for cooperation and funding through international projects, in line with the cluster’s long-term innovation priorities
  • Increase international competence and awareness about relevant challenges in the aquaculture sector
  • Attract EU funding for relevant innovation projects in the seafood industry, in line with the cluster’s main focus areas


In addition to advising cluster members about relevant possibilities for EU funding, the EU Advisor in the cluster can also assist cluster members already participating in EU projects. The EU Advisor also works strategically to influence calls and work programs in Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe will be the world’s largest research and innovation program, replacing Horizon 2020 from 2021. Through these programs, innovative projects of all stages can be supported. If you want to learn more about the possibilities, please contact our EU Advisor.

At a glance

Our EU Advisory services aim to assist our cluster members in attracting EU funding to their innovative projects.

Partners: GCE Ocean Technology

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, GCE Ocean Technology, and Innovation Norway

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