Land Meets Ocean

Accelerating circular and sustainable bioeconomy 

Land Meets Ocean is a crossover initiative to strengthen the Norwegian bioeconomy. We aim to enable innovation and industrial growth across agriculture, aquaculture, and fishery industries. Our aim is to better the utilization of bio-resources, increase the circularity within the industries, and reduce the carbon footprint.

If Norway is to significantly increase the value creation in the circular economy, collaboration across green and blue sector is vital. Behind the project are four national industry clusters within the blue and green bio economy; NCE Seafood InnovationNCE Blue LegaseaBiotech North, and NCE Heidner Biocluster.


Smart green growth 

We are set out to meet industrial challenges and boost entrepreneurship across industries. Our aim is to facilitate new projects across the sectors for sustainability and innovation. And inspire for new circular business models across value chains.


At a glance

Project goal: To accelerate sustainable innovation and growth across the bio economy, by enabelling collaboration between agriculture, aquaculture, and fishery.

Project focus: Increased circularity and sustainable innovation  

Project period:  Since 2018 – Ongoing

Financed and organized by: NCE Seafood InnovationNCE Blue LegaseaBiotech North, NCE Heidner Biocluster and Innovation Norway

Contact person:
Elise Sæle Dahle
Project developer Land meets Ocean
+47 98 25 13 76
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