Industry insight

This is a series of reports based on the cluster`s five industrial areas of priority. Each year we will publish reports that reflect the current situation within each area.


Knowledge building is essential to reach our goals and support future competence. We aim to contribute to knowledge sharing to our members and partners through reports on different subjects.


The latest publication

In the fall of 2022, we published the first industry insight on future feed ingredients.

The report “Future ingredients for Norwegian salmon feed” addressed the gap between the ambitions stated by the government and the status of future feed ingredients towards 2030.

Research institutions, industry pioneers and a panel of sector specialists have contributed to sum up the accumulated knowledge and pointed at challenges that needs to be resolved.

Check out the latest industry insight here.

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At a glance

Project goal: The goal with the different reports is to contribute to more knowledge sharing.

Project value: The different reports will tap into one or several of our industrial areas of priority.


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