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Seafood Innovation Day

When seafood executives from all over the world meet at North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), we have a unique opportunity to put innovation for sustainable growth on the global agenda, which is why NCE Seafood Innovation invites all stakeholders to an entire day with innovation stories and investment opportunities shaping one of the most important industries for the future.

Every year at NASF, the Seafood Innovation Day showcases cutting-edge innovations from startups and existing businesses that are shaping the future, as well as facilitating speed dating to form new partnerships for sustainable growth. Entrepreneurs represent much of the innovative force and startups presenting are also competing for the Seafood Innovation Award, which is meant to highlight innovations with great commercial potential and reward the winner with boosting services towards market.

The next event will be held at NASF, March 9-11, 2021. Previously, these startups have won the Seafood Innovation Award; Fixed Phage (Scotland), GenetiRate (USA), and Tracio (Iceland). Startups competing are first selected by a committee based on uniqueness, market potential, and sustainability. With the winner being selected by the audience. To nominate yourself or another startup, contact Pia S. Rønningen at

At a glance

Seafood Innovation Day is arranged every year in March, as part of North Atlantic Seafood Forum, where cutting-edge innovations are showcased and new partnerships are built.

Since 2018 – Ongoing

Organized by NCE Seafood Innovation

Contact person:
Pia Singdahlsen Rønningen
Business Developer
+47 92 63 08 83
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