This is the sixth year that the University of Bergen hosts the Christie Conference, named after one of the founding fathers of the Norwegian constitution Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie. The conference is a meeting point for business and the arts, government and academia.

The aim of the Christie Conference is to be the most important meeting point between academia and civil society in the west of Norway. Approximately 350 participants attend the conference at Peer Gynt Salen in Grieghallen in central Bergen.

The theme for the Christie Conference 2015 is “The North Sea”. The conference will focus on marine, climate and political issues, as well as the historical perspective on how the North Sea has impacted surrounding societies. It will also address key issues related to the North Sea as a marine resource. In particular, we will focus on the political challenges related to long-term and sustainable use of the sea. We seek to discuss what kinds of resources are hidden in the sea and what will challenge the North Sea in the future. 

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