The new Norway Minister for Fisheries, Per Sandberg, has confirmed he will formally open the 11th NASF Conference in Bergen March 2nd. His theme: “The Seafood Sector – Our work towards increased production and competitiveness”.

Toppbanner NASF Source: NASF Newsletter

Says Minister Per Sandberg:  “The NASF conference is an important meeting place for key players in the seafood industry. I am pleased to be here at the 11th edition of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen. The seafood sector plays a key part both in meeting global food security challenges and in creating economic growth and welfare in Norway. I think both increased sustainable production and competitiveness in the seafood sector will be of the highest importance in the future”. 


Per Sandberg has been Minister of fisheries since December 2015. Since 1997 he has been a permanent representative in Parliament. He has held the position as Chair of the Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, as well as the Standing Committee on Justice. As Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg is responsible for fisheries and aquaculture management, seafood safety, fish health and welfare, framework conditions for the seafood trade and market access for Norwegian seafood.

The new Minister has shown great enthusiasm and initiatives with his new responsibilities’ since he took office in December 2015.

The Norwegian seafood industry is delighted with this Ministerial appointment.  Says Geir Ove Ystmark, Managing Director for Norway’s Seafood Federation (Seafood Norway) : “NASF has become an important global arena located in the marine capital of Bergen. We in Seafood Norway and our many members have a good cooperation with NASF. It is exciting that our new Minister of Fisheries will come to Bergen and share his visions for future developments’ of the industry, seen from the Norwegian Government perspective”.

Says Jorgen J. Lund, Managing Director of North Atlantic Seafood Forum: “ We are honoured that Minister Per Sandberg of Norway will visit the 11th NASF arena and take part in our proceedings. As the world’s largest seafood business conference; it is of much importance that our top-level executives can meet such important policy makers and hear their perspectives’ on the industry future; and how they envision the framework conditions to be in the years’ ahead.” 


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