At the North Atlantic Seafood Forum Conference in Bergen Norway, young leaders from the global seafood industry will align forces aiming to solve the challenges for future seafood production.

Seafood-a solution to global challenges

The global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. We are facing huge challenges to provide enough food for the growing population. The world needs healthy food produced in a secure, efficient and sustainable way. Fisheries and aquaculture represent an important source to solve these challenges.

As overfishing is driving many marine ecosystems towards collapse, the issue demands new solutions fast. Young Leadership Community aims to meet these challenges. Young leaders are digital natives and familiar with rapid technological development. They communicate easily across borders, and see new solutions for existing challenges. Through the new community, young seafood leaders from all over the world will meet to build knowledge, share experience and collaborate for a better understanding of the seafood industry, and to contribute to shape a sustainable seafood future. 

During the Young Leadership Summit, which will take place 1st of March in Bergen, strategies to improve awareness of the seafood industry through a broader dialogue that will increase transparency in the sector. Strong societal and consumer trends will require more efficient communication strategies and transparency. The Summit will focus on the role for young seafood leaders in this process.

The Young Leadership is the first of its kind and is led by a coalition of Norwegian seafood industry leaders, including some of the world’s largest salmon producers. Together they provide over 14 million meals globally every day. The aim of community is to align positive forces between seafood regions in order to develop new innovative solutions for ocean farming that can be exported and used all over the world.

The Norwegian Centres of Expertise, The Seafood Innovation Cluster one of the initiators of the Young Leadership, believes the seafood industry can contribute to finding the sustainable solutions the world needs. The CEO of the Cluster, Tanja Hoel, points out that farmed salmon has already become a highly efficient and sustainable way to produce animal protein: “The world needs safe, nutritious and good food produced sustainably and effectively. With a planet that is 70 percent covered of water combined with the technological developments we have done the last years, I believe that the solution to our food challenges can be solved by farming the ocean”.

More than 200 will join the Young Leadership Summit in Bergen 1st of March.

Read here for the full program of the Summit