On behalf of and in close cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, NCE Seafood and partners will arrange the first annual National Ocean Innovation Conference in Bergen in May 2016.

Norwegian Seafood Council – Johan Wildhagen Text: GCE Subsea

With our partners Maritime Forum Bergen, GCE Node, NCE Seafood Innovation GCE Blue Maritime and NCE Maritime CleanTech, GCE Subsea will host and arrange the first national conference for Ocean Innovation.

The Norwegian Innovation Clusters programme offers competence and resources to facilitate, explore and develop the innovation and business possibilities across the ocean industries. A nationwide collaboration that gathers the different ocean industries along the Norwegian coast.

A New Step Forwards

These days are challenging times in the oil and gas and shipping industry, still we need to move forward. Rising competition and focus on cost, challenges the industry clusters to work smarter and collaborate better.

A large portion of future innovation, new competence and products is expected to be developed in the interface between the ocean industries. This will in turn create new industries and markets.

Huge Possibilities

About 70 per cent of the world surface is covered with water. The resources of the oceans represent huge possibilities in shaping the future of the world.  Still, there is so much undiscovered. We have more knowledge about parts of the outer space than we have about the huge depths in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Leading Edge Technology at Sea

Norwegians have always lived by and of the sea. The fishermen brought wealth to our country and Norway exported fish to Europe and South America. From this faculty Norway grew its Maritime competence and the shipping industry, and became one of the greatest shipping nations in the world in the 20 century.

Four decades ago, Norway discovered large oil and gas reserves in the North Sea. Again, based on our competence from the fishing and shipping industry, we built our offshore oil and gas technology and production skills.  

Norway is one of the leading technology producing countries in the world within oil and gas. Our technology within fields like well, drilling and subsea, seafood farming and high tech shipping technology, is well renowned and branded worldwide.  

The Conference

The National Ocean Innovation Conference creates an arena for the ocean industries to meet, to ensure and facilitate crossover innovation, the exchange of competence, ideas and experiences.

This will significantly contribute to their competitiveness and help our ocean industries in remaining front runners of cutting edge technology. The conference is a great arena to strengthen and facilitate innovation across different ocean industries.