Companies in business clusters typically have higher value creation, productivity and growth than the industry in general. Change, entrepreneurship and innovation also comes easier within clusters.

Ever since Michael Porter introduced his theory of business clusters in the beginning of the nineties, the concept has been widely adopted all over the world. In Norway, Professor Torger Reve has been the most prominent advocate of the theory, and has been an important promoter of the Norwegian Innovation Cluster programme.

Research has shown that companies in business clusters typically have higher value creation, productivity and growth than the industry in general. It is also easier to generate change, entrepreneurship and innovation within clusters, with the cluster management playing an important role as facilitator.

Through participation in typical cluster events, companies increase their networks and even find new market opportunities among other cluster members. Cluster initiated business acceleration programmes help overly technology focused companies in improving their business orientation.

Cluster-to-Cluster Collaboration

Benefits do not only arise within clusters; there is also much to be gained by more work across cluster boundaries in order to spark cross-industry innovation. NCE Seafood’s collaboration with GCE Subsea is a good example of this, where advanced technology solutions from oil and gas together with the aquaculture industry innovate together.

Here in Norway, we have several joint projects with GCE Subsea, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Bergen Marine Research Cluster and Maritime Bergen with the aim to position Norway as a world leader within ocean space knowledge, technology and innovation.

Foreign Investments

In the case of NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, the cluster very much represents a complete seafood value-chain where the actors frequently meet and discuss sustainable improvement across companies. Being a world leading cluster containing businesses, research institutes and academia also attracts foreign investments. It simply makes great sense for international seafood companies to be where the action takes place!

Innovation Ecosystem

Organised by Innovation Norway, and supported by Siva and the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Innovation Clusters play an important role in the Norwegian ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. In this ecosystem businesses in the clusters are spliced with R&D and funding schemes in order to contribute to further innovation, encouraged and facilitated by the cluster management. "Cluster thinking is important for innovation and development in Norway"

– Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway Video: Innovation Norway – Greeting from the Prime Minister of Norway to Norwegian Innovation Cluster Forum