We are honored by the interest and enthusiasm which we find all around for our Cluster.

In our Årsberetning for 2016 you can read more about our accomplishments in 2016. An english version will soon be available. 

We would like to share with you our top ten highlights on what we have achieved in 2016, thanks to all our partners:

72 partners and members were a part of The Seafood Innovation Cluster. Several new seafood companies have joined us in 2017.
Several new education programs; Executive MBA in Sustainable Innovation in Global Seafood, Seafood Trainee, Integrated Master program in Sustainable Seafood & Aquaculture.
Ten innovative entrepreneurs in our incubator program ACCEL Seafood, and 15 startups in our Ocean Industries Accelerator.
New Excellence program in Research and Education between Norway & Japan in Sustainable Aquaculture.
New National AlgaePARC for sustainable fish feed, together with The University of Bergen, CO2Bio & Uni Research.
New Research & Innovation Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations (CSAI), with the University of Bergen and Uni Research.
More than 3000 students joined our events, to inspire young talents to a career in a sustainable seafood business.
New R&D Manager and EU Advisor to increase our partners innovation capabilities.
New Partnerships, highlighting the importance of seafood in food security and nutrition.
Digitalization, AquaCloud and the use of artificial intelligence to combate sea-lice.

Special thanks to all our partners.

We wish you a wonderful summer!

Warm regards,
Benedicte, Björgólfur & Tanja