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Foto Vidar Langeland cropped In the autumn of 2018, it is for the second time the startup of the Executive MBA in Global Seafood. The program is based on an initiative from the Seafood Innovation Cluster, NHH Executive has developed an Executive MBA program within Sustainable Innovation in Global Seafood. The program is designed for executives, leaders and other professionals within the Global Seafood Industry and related industries. The format of the program caters to international participants in geographically spread locations with four intensive modules being run in different international locations.

The Executive MBA in Global Seafood is designed for people working in the seafood industry or related industries, where the need for sustainable innovation is increasingly important to succeed in a highly competitive and international environment.

The programme aims at preparing professionals for senior management positions in the seafood industry and related sectors by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise across key areas such as economics, strategy, management, marketing, finance, and accounting.

The programme augments this broad, general curriculum with a strong focus on the seafood industry. It provides breadth and depth through course work that is topical, relevant, and tailored to address the critical issues of the seafood industry today and in the future.

The participants will meet participants from a range of different backgrounds, from private companies, to non-profit organisations, and public administration. What they have in common is a strong interest in the seafood industry, and together they bring invaluable industry experience to the classroom. The goal is to provide relevant competence at a high and appropriate academic level, allowing participants to relate general MBA topics to the seafood context, and to build a network for learning and further development outside the classroom sessions.

The participants will develop new knowledge, gain skills and increase the general competence that is required to lead the seafood industry into a more sustainable future with innovative ideas across the entire value chain.

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