This week 24 Seafood Trainees met for the third module of the Seafood Trainee program. The highlight in the Seafood Trainee programme is the third module, and the visit to Brussels and Paris

A day with marketing
The second group of Seafood Trainees, travelled this week to Brussels and Paris. Focus for this module is sales and marketing, ang what could be more relevant than a presentation from The Norwegian Seafood Council about their work and a crash-course in marketing from, Ørjan Olsen and Kristin Pettersen in The Norwegian Seafood Council. Based on insight learned, the trainees were divided into four group for a workshop, and their task was to make a marketing campaign. Based on very limited amount of time, they created very good presentations, and the winning case was #KaDuSei. Their campaign was to learn young consumers in to eat “sei”.

Seafood Expo
Seafood Expo, the world largest seafood event in Brussels, was on the programme day 2. The trainees were curious, and was very much looking forward to the exhibition. The young professional were very impressed by all they had seen and experienced on the fair. On Seafood Expo we got great presentations from Lerøy, Marine Harvest, Ocean Quality, Cermaq, The Norwegian Seafood Council, Pro Chile and Promote Iceland.

Paris and Fishmarket
After Brussel, we moved to Paris, and new highlights were coming up, one by one. We started in Paris with a boattrip on Seinen before having an excellent seafood dinner prepared in the restaurant to Alan Geaam, that received a Michelin star in 2018, AG Les Halles. This was a great experience and prepared us for the next part in the program – visit of the Fishmarket outside Paris, in Rungis at 2 AM. We learned how R&O Seafood Gastronomy prepare the fish for restaurants and schools in Paris. The seafood buyers are coming during night to choose the best products from the fishmarket to serve in their restaurants. We could notice that many Norwegian suppliers as Lerøy, Marine Harvest and Norway Royal Salmon was distributing their best quality products through R&O to the Paris market.