Grieg Seafood, one of the partners of The Seafood Innovation Cluster, hosted a lunch discussion where collaboration and innovation in Superclusters was on the agenda.

Canada Photo: Grieg Seafood, Canada Goverment, Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland Labrador, HATCH, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster Our goal is to be a Supercluster

-The Canadian supercluster is a model for Norway’s Cluster Program. Today, we have more than 30 different cluster’s in Norway. Our goal in The Seafood Innovation Cluster is to escalate to a Supercluster, says Tanja Hoel, Director of The Seafood Innovation Cluster.

In the meeting, three collaborative areas where identified:

– Digitalization
– Use of Machine learning 
– Artificial intelligence

New Technology to support growth and international partnership

Together with our business partners, research community, we have been granted a big investment to increase knowledge, innovation in RAS/semi closes systems. This program included mobility programs.  We have set an ambition to set up an international partnership program with Canada.

Cooperation within entreprenuership

The Cluster has set up several entrepreneurship programs to build up a strong startup ecosystem in seafood and aquaculture. In Marineholmen we have established a highly successful entrepreneurship community with co-working spaces, business angel programs, acceleratorprograms and investors, together with our partners BTO, Connect Vest and HATCH.  Here, we see a great potential working together to nurture and grow more successful entrepreneurship in the global seafood & aquaculture industry.

  Superclusters in Canada:

Canada is home to world-class innovation and industrial clusters, with strong technology leadership. These clusters are engines of innovation that support the development and growth of globally competitive Canadian companies. The Government of Canada is committed to strengthening Canada’s most promising clusters so that Canada continues to develop and attract the best ideas, brightest talent and smart capital necessary for success.

Through the Innovation Superclusters Initiative, Canada is investing up to $950 million over five years to support business-led innovation superclusters with the greatest potential to build world-leading innovation ecosystems, secure Canada’s future as an innovation leader, and accelerate economic growth. To build a better Canada, the Innovation Superclusters Initiative is intended to be truly responsive to industry demand. Leaders from across highly innovative industries have been invited to engage in transformational thinking to identify the specific activities, priorities and initiatives with the greatest potential to accelerate a supercluster advantage by building on strengths and addressing gaps in their regional innovation ecosystems.