On 16 October 2018 GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster led a strategic Ocean Rountable discussion in Brussels to place the oceans at the top of the European innovation agenda.

De norske Together with our partners from the BlueTech Cluster Alliance – the 1st international coalition of BlueTech clusters with 10 members in 8 countries (Canada, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, UK and US) – the Academia Europaea and the Mission of Norway to the EU we brought together Europe’s top ocean innovation and science leaders with the European Commission to discuss how we can work together to deliver on the potential of the emerging ocean industries by better using science.

The land-based paradigm of growth has reached its limits.  To provide for a growing global population while living within the limits of our planet for generations to come, we need to accelerate the development towards harvesting the ocean in a smart and sustainable way. 

Innovation for at sustainable Ocean Economy
The role of BlueTech clusters and the 5-stakeholder model – academia, government, industry, investors and entrepreneurs– is critical in managing and accelerating this development.  Building on our industrial knowledge and advanced technology we can catalyse the emerging ocean industries in food, energy and minerals production, tourism and mobility through fostering the development of innovative technologies and services needed for a sustainable Ocean Economy. 

Regional and national clusters need to collaborate globally to develop an international Blue Voice and help create a bold new vision. This will require fresh thinking at all levels of governance, long-term investment, and technological innovation. The Ocean Roundtable was a first step to this direction which will crystallise into innovation funding that is more relevant to the needs of ocean industries and entrepreneurs and the emergence of a European Knowledge and Innovation Community on the Oceans.

Our European partners recognised and welcomed Norway’s and our cluster’s leadership.