The Board of Directors has recently decided on a new strategy for The Seafood Innovation Cluster. Through our new strategy, we are scaling up the innovation ecosystem for faster sustainable seafood growth and business opportunities that increase value to our owners, partners, members and stakeholders.

ny strategi Pursuing new business opportunities

After three years of cluster collaboration, we have accomplished many of our aspirations, goals and projects that we pointed out. Number of national and international analyses forecast great potential of growth in the seafood industry.

Through our new strategy, we are pursuing new business opportunities that give value to our owners, partners, members and stakeholders.

To reach the vision, there is a need for a collaboration model that enables development of solutions for sustainable seafood growth. Building an ecosystem that stimulate to knowledge, innovative solutions and acceleration of entrepreneurship, is our main objective to reach the overall vision of sustainable seafood growth.

Fostering ecosystem collaboration

We are scaling up our innovation ecosystem for new knowledge and solutions that will increase sustainability to our members.  Our aim is to foster more ecosystem collaboration and create an innovation culture that is much more open, more flexible and inherently more collaborative.  This will gain higher agility and adaptability needed to power future seafood growth.

This involves going from a “Triple Helix” model, with focus on interaction and collaboration between corporate, academia and government, to a 5-stakeholder model which also includes entrepreneurs and risk-capital to support new solutions and knowledge to increase our members competitiveness in the global market..


Enabling sustainable seafood growth.


Building ecosystem for growth and competitiveness in Norwegian seafood.

Business areas for sustainable growth

The Seafood Innovation Cluster started with Talent development, adding a new area of Sustainable innovation as our strategic business areas of priority. Our experience shows that these areas are vital for enabling sustainable growth. We will continue to develop these areas as future prioritized business areas.

In addition, going into a new ecosystem model, we will develop a new 3rd business area for The Seafood Innovation Cluster; Entrepreneurship and Commercialization.

Launch Party, 22. January 2019

Learn more about the Cluster’s new strategy at our Partnermeeting, 22. January 2019. Registration: Invitasjon – bilde- 30.11.2018