Last week 29 Seafood Trainees visited Trondheim to learn more about research and technology.

Technology and biology

The first part of the program was SINTEF Ocean. SINTEF Ocean performs research projects in the entire farmed fish chain, from breeding fish to slaughtering.  We learned that the teams at SINTEF Ocean consists of both technologists and biologist to ensure the welfare of fish when developing technological innovations. From one of the project, SFI EXPOSED Aquaculture Operations, we got more knowledge about the importance that fishfarmers understand the conditions they work under due to weather conditions when doing operations, and the consequences for the fish. After great presentations we moved on to NTNU and had a tour in “Havbassenget” and “Slepetanken”.

Lerøys impressive new facility

On day two we drove to Hitra and visited Lerøys new production facility at Jøsnøya. The trainees were impressed by the innovative factory and we all got the impression that every detail was planned planned for the welfare of the fish.

Sustainable technologies

Trondheim have many suppliers aquaculture valuechain, and we visited AKVA Group, Norway Royal Salmon, BioMar and AquaLine. Interesting to learn about the challenges the industry has, and all the great innovations that the suppliers adds to achieve a sustainable value chain.

Thanks to Sintef Ocean, NTNU, Lerøy, AKVA Group, Norway Royal Salmon, BioMar and AquaLine for great presentations and hospitality!