"Bergen is the place to be if you want to be part of the incredible development and innovation that is happening in the Aquaculture industry", says Innovasea Akvakultur

innovasea-instruments-5 Photo, Therese Soltveit, Kyst.no
From Left – Torstein Mellingen(Sales Manager, Tor Espen H. Skoglund(Managing Director),  Sigve Naustdal(Instrumentation Engineer)

About Innovasea:
Innovasea Systems, Inc. is a technology-based company committed to enabling sustainable use of our oceans and fresh water ecosystems. We offer turnkey aquaculture solutions from site selection to harvest, backed by over 25 years of ocean experience.

The company’s instrumentation line of products enables precision, data-driven aquaculture with underwater wireless sensors delivering real-time data to the cloud.  Innovasea is also the leading provider of fish tracking and monitoring equipment enabling researchers to study the behavior and migration patterns of marine and freshwater animals over years and across vast distances. With this suite of products and services, Innovasea is leading the challenge of doubling marine protein production in a manner that is scalable, sustainable and in accordance with good stewardship of ocean resources.

New Members in the Cluster from March 2019.
Innovasea Akavakultur has more than 10 years experience with providing cloud based environmental data to the aquaculture industry.  Most Farmers know them through the website Realfish, which is the user interface used to provide the data to the customers.
Realfish has been built and set up in cooperation with customers, and according to the needs of the industry.

Innovasea Akvakultur just changed the name from Nortek Akvakultur after being taken over by the Boston based company Innovasea System Ltd. Innovasea Systems Ltd also own the Canadian company Realtime Aquaculture, which provides a wide range of wireless sensor technology. Together with Innovasea Akvakultur they form the new Instrumentation division in Innoavsea Systems Ltd.

Joining NCE Seafod cluster
Tor Espen H. Skoglund, Managing Director says: “We just moved our main office with production, sales and support from Oslo to Bergen in order to get closer to the seafood marked.  Bergen is the place to be if you want to be part of the incredible development and innovation that is happening in the Aquaculture industry, so for us it was very important to apply for membership in the cluster.
We are very happy to be accepted as members and hope that our experience and knowledge can be an asset for the other members in the cluster as well.”

Innovasea Akvakultur is also taking on a Seafood Trainee this year.

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