The Research Council has carried out a mid-term evaluation of KABIS and the project received a score that exceeded the other ongoing capacity building projects. This has granted the project funding for a new three-year period. The project continues the work of strengthening ongoing activities and initiatives and build a lasting structure that can continue after the project is completed in 2023.

Figure: KABIS’ focus areas for the next three years.

This November, the KABIS project held its Annual Meeting and Impact Forum. For the first time, both events were held digitally. The main themes these two days were the project’s mid-term evaluation and further plans for KABIS in the period 2021-2023. The project partners provided input to strategy and plans for the further project period in several discussion sections, on questions like:

  1. How can KABIS improve to benefit you and your organization?
  2. How to utilize and facilitate student mobility through internships and master’s and bachelor theses?
  3. How can we increase visibility for the project?
  4. How can we facilitate increased dissemination of R&D results to consortium partners?

Some of the key discussion topics and suggestions that emerged:

NCE Seafood Innovation is pleased to see that KABIS has received funding for three new years. We look forward to seeing more cooperation towards results that create a more sustainable seafood production.

KABIS aims to further develop research and higher education within new and sustainable aquaculture systems. NCE Seafood Innovation has been an active partner since the beginning. Read more about the cluster’s contribution here.