We want to do our part in solving the climate issue the world is currently facing. Over the last two days at 20tretti we have defined our climate headache together with cluster members Lerøy Seafood, Benchmark Genetics and Skanem.

The workshop:

NCE Seafood Innovation believes in a collective effort towards sustainable seafood growth, and to achieve that we must focus on innovation and knowledge sharing. Over the last two days we gathered with cluster members Lerøy Seafood, Benchmark Genetics and Skanem as we participated in 20tretti Ideate, the first of three modules in a project by StartupLab focused on connecting companies with startups in the mission to solve climate headaches.

Sveinung Rotevatn, Minister of Climate and the Environment, emphasized on the importance of joint efforts towards innovative solutions for climate change, when he kicked off the first day of the workshop at StartupLab Bergen. At the event we listened to successful startups who has experienced both the challenges and benefits of collaborating with larger companies when developing their business, which gave us great insight going forward in the 20tretti program.



Our climate headache:

During the workshop we dove into the climate issue that is plastic waste, mainly focusing on mapping the value chain and investigating the root cause of plastic waste in the seafood industry. The workshop has been a great exercise to understand and define our climate headache, through a methodical approach that helped us examine the value chain and its issues from an overall perspective. The second day was rounded up by 3 minute presentations of the climate headaches defined by all 16 partners who joined the workshop.

Going forward in this years 20tretti, we will continue developing our climate headache together with Lerøy Seafood, Benchmark Genetics and Skanem, and on 20th of September we will open for startups to investigate towards solutions.

Are you a startup ready to take on our climate headache? Please read more about the 20tretti program and sign up here.


More about the 20tretti program: 

The clock is ticking towards 2030, the year both Bergen and Oslo municipalities aim to be fossil fuel free. With 20tretti, StartupLab brings climate headaches and climate solutions into dialogue.

The aim is to initiate pilot projects between startups and corporations to accelerate the green shift. The project is divided into three modules:

Ideate: A two-day partner workshop, where you learn more about sustainable innovation and define your climate headache.

Prototype: Startups apply to solve one of the climate headaches, and tailor-make their solution before meeting with you.

Collab: A one-day event for both partners and startups, where headaches meet solutions.


Are you engaged in the issue and want to work with us, please contact Pia Rønningen, our Business Developer at pia@seafoodinnovation.no.