NCE Seafood Innovation is a growing cluster, and we are always thrilled to co-create with new and inspiring members, and especially to shine a spotlight on new members.

Over the past month we have welcomed three new companies to the cluster, within under water fish farming, seaweed-derived bioplastic and land-based salmon farming. Read about our new members:

Blue Breeder

Blue Breeder revolutionise fish farm structures, enabling cost efficient, safe, and sustainable under water fish farming. Their solution Blue-Hub, are built upon patented technology, guided by an experienced team, within technology, and international market development to the ocean industries.


Marea is an Icelandic start-up developing seaweed-derived bioplastic films that are optimal for different applications, ranging from fresh and frozen food wrapping to the packaging of dry goods. Building a sustainable and scalable business model in marine-derived bioplastic production is at the core of Marea´s activities. The company has successfully developed a prototype of the material and is working on optimisation and international standards compliance before it can launch the product for market-test.

Proximar Seafood AS 

Proximar Seafood is a land-based salmon farming company in the process of constructing the first large-scale fish farm for Atlantic salmon by the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Their planned production of fresh Atlantic salmon on the Japanese market’s doorstep implies significant reductions in both CO2 emissions and transport cost. They will be able to deliver unique freshness, harvested the same day and locally produced.