NCE Seafood Innovation is a growing cluster, and we are always thrilled to co-create with new and inspiring members, and especially to shine a spotlight on new startups.

Over the past month we have welcomed two new startups to the cluster. The new member companies are specialising within artificial Intelligence and Biochemistry.

Read about our new members:

SeaChange Biochemistry Inc

SeaChange BioChemistry has developed a proprietary method to extract multiple high value chemicals from brown seaweed in a single process. This innovation more than triples output and reduces production costs, generates high margins, produces the highest quality products, eliminates waste, and has a positive environmental impact. The SeaChange process is not limited to brown seaweed and can be applied to many different types of biomass.

Read more about SeaChange BioChemistry on their website:

Aquaticode Ltd.

Aquaticode provides Artificial Intelligence based SaaS solutions to increase efficiency and sustainability in Aquaculture. The company provides solutions to ‘grow better fish’ by allowing to detect genetic traits using non-invasive means at early stages of life; and solutions to ‘grow fish better’ through precision image-based sampling, monitoring and tracking.

Read more about Aquaticode on their website: