Last week we hosted Upcoming Seafood Startup, where the topic of discussion was digital transformation and digitization.

Digital transformation and digitization are one of our industrial focus areas, where the aim is to highlight and inspire to how digital transformation can increase value creation in the industry and contribute to increased digitization and sharing of data across actors in the aquaculture industry. 

Photo is an illustration of Digital Transformation. Photo by: Silje Katrine Robinson
Photo is an illustration of Digital Transformation and is not related to the companies in this article. Photo by: Silje Katrine Robinson

This time we had two startups, Optimeering Aqua and Observe Tech, presenting to a tailored panel of industry experts and investors, Jørund Gjesvik from FundingPartner, Jørgen Vatn from DNV, Trond Kathenes from Grieg and Tore Hopen from Farvatn. This is an opportunity for early-stage companies to meet and discuss with targeted expertise and key people in the industry. The meeting also provides a unique arena for industry and investors to gain an overview of the entrepreneurial landscape and innovative solutions for sustainable seafood. 

“At Optimeering Aqua we benefited from the event, where we received concrete advice on how to build trust and present our value message to customers. The advice was so concrete and useful that we initiated measures the same day to find out how we can deliver on what we learned” – Erlend Torgnes, Optimeering Aqua 

Startup companies play a significant role in the seafood innovation ecosystem. The goal of Upcoming Seafood Startup is to create a meeting arena where startups, industry experts and investors can network and learn from each other’s perspectives. We see the importance of innovative solutions in the industry and have great faith that collaboration is of immense value to the entire ecosystem.  

Faced with the unfolding challenges (and opportunities) of fish health, digitalization and increased ESG focus on the industry, innovation will continue to be a decisive element to achieve our set growth ambitions. By aligning the focus and needs of the industry with the effort within the innovative ecosystem in Bergen, these Upcoming Seafood Startup meetingsare playing a significant role in accelerating discussions, building consensus and ownership in the industry and enabling an easier adoption of emerging technology and solutions.” – Jørgen Vatn, DNV  

We look forward to hosting the next Upcoming Seafood Startup in April.  

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