This week we launched our new focus groups, consisting of key participants from industry and academia. We invited the participants to an open discussion and lunch at Bod24, and successfully set the tone for the year to come.

NCE Seafood Innovation aims to contribute to sustainable growth and development of the seafood industry. This year we launched a brand-new strategy to help us reach our goals, together with members and partners.  

As a part of our new strategy, we defined five industrial areas of priority; 1. Climate, environment, and circular economy, 2. Digital Transformation and digitalization 3. Fish health and welfare, 4. Novel feed ingredients and 5. Future competence and talent attraction. 

Knowledge sharing and innovation 

Our strategic approach to the five chosen industrial areas is knowledge sharing and innovation, by facilitating meeting arenas, services, and projects in collaboration with members and partners.  

To ensure the cluster´s focus and timeliness, it is important to us that members and partners contribute with their expertise, experience, and network. That way we can secure sustainable growth and development of the seafood industry.


5 new focus groups 

To ensure further collaboration and co-creation with members and partners, we have now initiated focus groups within each of the industrial areas, where we include key participants from business and academia. 

Each focus group will be a discussion forum and an arena for project development across the industry as well as an advisory body for our activity in the current year, which will also contribute input to next year’s action plan. 

The objective of each industrial area of priority: 

Climate, Environment and Circular Economy 

Our aim is to strengthen focus and unleash the power of collaboration, dissemination of knowledge and project development to reduce the industry’s climate and environmental footprint, as well as actively stimulate increased focus on circular economy. 

Digital Transformation and digitalization 

Our aim is to make visible and inspire how digital transformation can increase value creation in the industry as well as contribute to increasing digitization and sharing of data across actors in the aquaculture industry through innovation projects. 

Fish health and welfare 

Our aim is to contribute to putting fish health and welfare high on the agenda in the industry and be a driving force for knowledge sharing and projects that can contribute to improved fish health and welfare, as well as reduce mortality in the aquaculture industry. 

Novel Feed Ingredients 

Our aim is to actively contribute to projects around collaboration, knowledge sharing and project development to realize the potential of new feed raw materials and enable commercialization of future feed ingredients in the seafood industry. 

Future competence and talent attraction 

Our aim is to develop and strengthen initiatives for «lifelong learning» and future-oriented competence for new graduates and employees in the industry, as well as strengthen talent attraction for the seafood industry through focused activities and competence projects rooted in the industry.