This week we hosted the first of many startup lunches. The lunch was an informal digital meeting, where startup members came together to share experiences and knowledge.

In NCE Seafood Innovation we believe that innovation and knowledge sharing is key towards sustainable growth in the seafood industry.

With this platform we aim to create a space where startup members can come together to share experiences they have gained through building their companies, as well as getting first hand advice and insight to how the clusters services and meeting arenas can help them accelerate going forward.

This time we had Kristian Kasin Nordlie present his company W-sense, which is a high tech SME, with a strong and experienced R&D team specialized in monitoring and communication systems with pioneering patented solutions in the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Kristian also participated in our competence program Seafood Trainee, and therefor shared his great experience being a part of that.

Eldar Lien presented Searas which is a company working with innovative RAS solutions so great that they won this years Gründerjulepresangen.

“Being a member of the cluster has been of great value to SeaRas and a contributor to our growth in terms of advice and networking” – Eldar Lien, Manager at Searas.

We plan to host four meetings annually as we think it is important for our members to be updated on what activities you can connect on to get full use of the cluster membership.

Are you a startup interested in joining our cluster? Please contact