“Another extraordinary year has passed, but carrying with us our experiences from 2020, NCE Seafood Innovation was well positioned to manage another pandemic year, carry out our projects and services, facilitate meeting arenas and deliver value to our partners and members.” says Managing Director, Nina Stangeland  

We have maintained a high level of activity throughout the entire year of 2021, and had close to 3000 participants involved in nearly 60 meeting arenas. We have increased our project activities as well as our project funding, which is reflected in our earnings. This is simply the result of close and good collaboration with the cluster partners and members, and I wish to thank all for the formidable efforts throughout the year.   

Data standardization, new competence and collaboration across the blue and green sectors

Among the highlights, we have reason to emphasize the AcquaCloud development. Standards for fish health are now in place and ready to be implemented, and we have launched the first environmental data sets. Our competence programmes, Seafood Next and Seafood Trainee, continue their steady development with more participants than ever. 

Together with other clusters within the blue and green bio economy, we have put more emphasis on our “Land meets Ocean” initiative, and we have organized several knowledge sharing events in different fora with close involvement from partners and members.  

Last, but not least we have prioritized to strengthen our project development efforts, resulting in several exciting innovation projects.  

Download and read the full Annual Report 2021 here

A new strategy

Throughout most of the year, we have worked with a new strategy for the 2022–2024 period. Partners and members have been strongly involved in the process of setting out a new course to ensure NCE Seafood Innovation is a relevant and preferred national cluster able to develop in line with the wishes of our members and partners.    

As a result of this thorough process, we have pinpointed five new, important areas of priority where we will join forces with our partners and members to find solutions:  

  • climate, environment, and circular economy 
  • digital transformation and digitalization 
  • fish health and welfare 
  • future feed ingredients  
  • future competence and talent attraction 


All these industrial areas of priority are related to central challenges the seafood industry must solve collectively in order to contribute to development and growth. We cannot solve them on our own; they must be solved through joint efforts.   

The cluster’s most important role is to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote innovation within said areas. In addition, we will initiate and serve as a facilitator for matchmaking, thereby enabling broad collaboration between our partners and members.  

Our well-founded strategy gives us the opportunity to serve as a strong contributor to sustainable growth and development within a significant Norwegian export industry. We are facing exciting times, where NCE Seafood Innovation as a solid cluster will work together with partners and members in the seafood industry to create value and good results. We look forward to keeping up the good work in 2022. Our contribution can make an important difference.