Last week we hosted this year’s second Upcoming Seafood Startup where the topic of discussion was fish health and fish welfare. This topic is one of NCE Seafood Innovations industrial focus areas, and creating synergies and collaboration between startups, capital and industry is key when working towards the future.

We had three upcoming startups join the meeting; Konree Innovation, Wellfish Diagnostics and Biovivotech. They presented their startup to a tailored panel of industry experts and investors. The panel consisted of Jørund Gjesvik from FundingPartner, Christian Møgster from  Momentum, Solveig Nygård from Grieg Seafood, Geir Magne Knutsen from Bremnes Seashore and Per Kristian Sætre form Aqua Pharma Group. 

 Contributions to industrial challenges  

The companies presented three different contributions to solve the biggest challenges in Norwegian Aquaculture, the focus being on early intervention on salmon lice, non-lethal blood testing, AI based health tracking and external sensors for fish movements and behavior.  

All the entrepreneurs had a lively discussion with the panel and as always, we were limited by time mora than ideas to discuss. The entrepreneurs gained valuable insights and guidance from a panel that was very generous with their knowhow.  

A unique opportunity to create synergy between startups, industry experts and capital 

This event is a unique opportunity for early-stage companies to meet and discuss with targeted expertise and key people in the aquaculture industry. Equally important is the opportunity for industry and investors to gain an overview of the entrepreneurial landscape and innovative solutions for sustainable seafood. 

“It essential to a startup to get access to industry experts and practitioners, and NCE Seafood Innovation does a superb job of facilitating this. I am delighted to have clarified queries I had through the Upcoming Seafood start-up session.  Thanks to the cluster, I now have the opportunity of following up with the panel members. It is vital to know whether you are truly solving a problem that the industry will buy into, and that they have confidence in your approach.”Margaret Rae, Funding Director, Konree Innovation Ltd 

Startup companies play a significant role in the seafood innovation ecosystem. The goal of Upcoming Seafood Startup is to create a meeting arena where startups, industry experts and investors can network and learn from each other’s perspectives. We see the importance of innovative solutions in the industry and have great faith that collaboration is of immense value to the entire ecosystem.   

“Upcoming seafood startup is a great opportunity to get to know new companies and solutions to the biggest challenges in the seafood and aquaculture industry. I experience that everyone who participates gets something out of the meetings, both in terms of inspiration, insight, and concrete advice.”Jørund Gjesvik, Managing Director, FundingPartner 

We look forward to hosting the next Upcoming Seafood Startup in August where we will focus on climate, environment and circular ecosystems.   

Are you interested in knowing more about the event?

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