September 1st, AquaCloud invited experts from different fields to talk about the possibilities and challenges of data sharing in aquaculture.

250 participants from all around the country followed when the speakers shared their knowledge and perspective.

The webinar was led by Nina Stangeland, Managing Director of NCE Seafood Innovation, and the following speakers held a presentation:

  • Kristian Blom from AquaCloud
  • Jon Iden from NHH
  • Mons Alfred Paulsen from Thommesen
  • Geir Lasse Taranger from Insitute of Marine Research
  • Ingunn Sommerset from Norwegian Veterinary Insitute
  • Ingunn Midtun Godal from Norwegian Food Safety Authority
  • Einar Wathne from NCE Seafood Innovation and AquaCloud

Watch the webinar here: