Start-up companies play an important role in the seafood innovation ecosystem, and one of the services we have for them are the “Upcoming Seafood Startups”. In our latest meeting we focused on companies that deliver solutions within climate, environment and circular economy.

A meeting place between start-ups and experts

Upcoming Seafood Startups” is a meeting place where our start-up members present their businesses to an expert panel. This time, we also had our most international Seafood Startup ever with two out of three companies from abroad, Canada and Australia, with the third from Norway. 

Our Australian friends in TomKat Global Solutions presented an innovative substitution for EPS fish transport cases, with sensorics and recyclable cases. Really innovative approach and one that is born out of personal desire to present their own seafood in the most favourable and sustainable way.  

From Canada SeaChange Biochemistry presented a unique way to extract desired products from kelp biomass, improving gains and reducing waste. The products encompassing valuable nutrients and has applications across many industries, including cosmetics, nutritional products, and biomaterials. 

From Norway GreenTech Innovators presented their developing a complete ecosystem for utilisation of surplus biomass to use in fermentation as a basis for multiple value propositions. The company is currently working with local municipality waste disposal company to upcycle biomass from commercial operations, shops and restaurants.  

In our expert panel we had experienced industry specialists from Lerøy Seafood, Grieg Seafood, Benchmark Genetics, Momentum, Farvatn and FundingPartner.  

We are always grateful to our industry partners for the quality of their contribution to our start-ups, as well as impressed and inspired by our start-ups.   

In our next Upcoming Seafood Startups event, on November 1st, we will focus on feed and novel feed raw materials.