It is a centre for research-based innovation, and they are working with a sensor network useful for all ocean industries. This cooperation will strengthen our work within data and data sharing.
Kristian Blom, General Manager, AquaCloud, and Nina Stangeland, Managing Director, NCE Seafood Innovation.

A centre with focus on innovation

SFI Smart Ocean is a centre hosted by the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen. They are creating a wireless, low power sensor network, in order to provide data for fact-based and sustainable management of ocean resources as well as industrial equipment and structures.  

It will function as real time observation network, which means that if something is happening under water, it will be able to give a warning. For example, integrity monitoring of marine structures and tension on mooring lines, are relevant use of the network for aquaculture.

It`s important to collaborate

Cooperating to gather and share data is vital for both the cluster and AquaCloud, in addition to the whole industry.

– Insight gained from data collected from the ocean is essential for the growth and development of ocean industries, both independently and in close coexistence to one another. In the seafood industry, we collaborate to contribute to data sharing across the industry, and the SFI Smart Ocean project enables us to share data across the ocean industries through a well-established consortium over time, our Managing Director Nina Stangeland says.

– With NCE Seafood Innovation onboard, we have access to even more input from the seafood than before, and can ensure that the technology gaps, priorities and possibilities of this industry are focused on the choices we make, says Acting Director for SFI Smart Ocean, Marie Bueie Holstad.

– NCE Seafood Innovation will also be an important partner in our dissemination activities. Their network will be an important information channel to spread information about the research and development carried out in SFI Smart Ocean. We are really looking forward to the cooperation, SFI Smart Ocean states on their website.