In May we welcomed our new Finance and Administration Manager Inge Bø. He is responsible for finance and fincance reporting, in addition to administration of the cluster’s operations. Get to know him better with these five questions.

Who is Inge?

I am a positive, pedagogic, and solution-oriented man with a few dad jokes up my sleeve.

What is your role in the Seafood Innovation team?

I will take care of the money at NCE Seafood Innovation. Among others, I will make sure that our partners and members pay their invoices on time and that my coworkers don’t use too much money while they are travelling. Other administrative work will also be my responsibility.

Describe yourself in three words?

Climbing, sailing, and cooking.

If you had one more hour each day, what would you do?

Cooked with Selena Gomez, (“Selena + Chef “ HBO).

If you have questions for Inge, contact him here.