Collaborations, meetings and projects could not be done without cooperating with our members and partners, and we look forward to doing even more of it next year. 

Here, we have gathered some highlights, in addition to something for you to read, listen to and watch, while getting ready for 2024. Enjoy! 

Some highlights from 2024

  • The collaborative project “Land møter hav» has secured funding for 2024.
  • We launched our third report in the Industry Insight series titled “The Future of Plastics in the Norwegian Aquaculture Industry.”
  • We initiated Seafood Circular Plastics, a brand-new program for circular economy practices around plastic in the seafood industry.
  • In collaboration with Grieg Seafood, the Bellona Foundation, and NTNU, we created “Practically Plastic,” a free online course in proper plastic management.
  • Through innovation camps at 13 high schools from 6 counties, over 1500 students and 9 industry companies attempted to address industry challenges
  • We released our second Industry Insight report titled “Data Sharing in the Norwegian Aquaculture Industry.”
  • We collaborated with DNB and Pareto to organize the Seafood Innovation Award, where the startup company Remora Robotics won this year’s prestigious prize.

Something to see, read and listen to while waiting for 2024