This spring we have the privlege of welcoming two full-time interns to the NCE Seafood Innovation team for the next 12 weeks.

NCE Seafood Innovation recognize that new competence is crucial for achieving sustainable growth in the seafood industry. Innovative solutions demand creative and fresh thinking, and there can be no better source for that than the future leaders of the industry.

We are thrilled to welcome Marie and Nicole to our team, and we want all of you to get to know them better. We asked them to share a bit about themselves, and here is what they had to say:

We are currently taking our Master`s degree in Innovation and Leadership, at the Western Norway University of Apllied Sciences (HVL). Additionally, we both have a bachelor`s degree in Organisational Psychology, HR and Leadership from BI Norwegian Business School. We are so exited to spend our next 12 weeks with NCE Seafood Innovation.


My name is Nicole Vågnes, I am 23 years old and come from Ålesund. Through my bachelor`s degree, I have developed a strong passion for organisational psychology and leadership. I love working with people, and learning the dynamic behind an organisation.

My first week at NCE Seafood Innovation has been very educational, and we get the freedom to try things ourselves. I am looking forward to the next weeks, and learn more about how we can introduce the seafood industry to the next generation. I hope that the insight in NCE Seafood Innovation will give me inspiration for my master thesis.


My name is Marie Hove Tennefoss, I am 24 years old and come from Bergen. I have gained work experience through various part-time jobs, in addition to an internship in the insurance industry as part of my bachelors degree. From this I have learned about the importance of collaboration, customer care and various administrative tasks.

My first week at NCE Seafood Innovation has been exciting and educational. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and believe that the internship period will provide me with valuable insight that are relevant to my masters degree in innovation and leadership.