HAVlunsj – Innovation and collaboration for better fish health

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HAVlunsj is arranged this time by NCE Seafood Innovation and takes a closer look at the “Fish Health Report 2020” from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. We will be diving into challenges fish farmers must deal with and the relationship with fish health and fish welfare, which companies must consider when developing new solutions.

11:30 Opening. Nina Stangeland, Managing Director at NCE Seafood Innovation
11:35 How does the fish have it? Ingunn Sommerset, Fish Health Expert at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute
11:55 Response from the industry. Solveig M.R. Nygaard, Global Fish Health Manager at Grieg Seafood
12:10 Developing new solutions with fish health and fish welfare in mind. Prof. Karin Pittmann, CEO at Quantidoc
12:20 Q&A

About Havlunsj
Havlunsj is a series of lunch meetings arranged by VIS, Maritime Bergen, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, Marineholmen, and NCE Maritime CleanTech. HAVlunsj is an informal meeting arena for the ocean clusters, with a focus on competency and networking. Havlunch is arranged the next last thursday every month.


Online Event


Mar 18, 2021


11:30 - 12:30

HAVlunsj – Innovation and collaboration for better fish health

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