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NCE Seafood Innovation is establishing a new program for the seafood industry to provide knowledge and inspiration for new circular business models across value chains and more circular economic solutions in the seafood industry.

The Circular Economy Program for the Seafood Industry is providing knowledge of circular economy and circular business models and inspiration to more circular solutions in the seafood industry and across value chains.

The program will be facilitated in collaboration with Sveinung Jørgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen. They are leading experts in sustainable business and the circular economy, podcasters entrepreneurs and advisors, and Associate Professors at NHH where they lead the Centre for Sustainable Business.

Modul #1

  • Introduction of terminology and circular business models
  • Challenges and opportunities in the seafood industry

Modul #2

  • Framework conditions, government strategy and EU taxonomy
  • Circular value chains across industries

Modul #3

  • Global trends
  • Opportunities – innovation, technology, and digitalization

Modul #4

  • Future perspective
  • Realization of circular economy business models


The program is part of the strategic area of priority Climate, environment, and circular economy in NCE Seafood Innovation´s new strategy.

Participants will get presentations on the different topics and from industrial cases, company visits, group work with problem solving and exchange of experience, and training materials. We are facilitating for interactivity both for learning and for initiation of projects that can be further developed by the participants.

Seafood companies are primary target group for the program, but there will also be opportunities for suppliers and other agents in the seafood industry to participate.

Here is a presentation about the program (in Norwegian):

    Circular Economy Program




Practical information

The program will be in Norwegian.

Number of participants will be 25-30.

To participate in the program, contact


Administration fee:

All members and non-members                          NOK 5.000

Program costs:

Members NCE Seafood Innovation                    Free of charge

Non-members                                                         NOK 20.000


Circular Economy Program 4 modules á 1 day (lunch to lunch)

Not included:

Travel, hotel, diet. Hotel and diet will be invoiced the participants after each module.

The program is supported by Vestland County Council and the City of Bergen.

At a glance

Project goal: The program will provide knowledge about circular economy and circular business models and inspire more circular solutions in the seafood industry and across value chains.

Project period: May – September 2022, and new group starting in February 2023.

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, Vestland County Council and the City of Bergen

Partners: Kapasitetsløftet BIOSIRKEL, JØRGENSEN | PEDERSEN

Project focus: Circular economy and circular business models

Contact person:
Solveig Holm
Senior Project Manager
+47 92 05 85 31
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