Innovation camps – High School

In 2023, we will conduct 15 innovation camps across Norway with 1500 upper secondary school students (Vg1 and Vg2) in collaboration with Ungt Entreprenørskap. The project will challenge students to solve real industry-related problems using a pedagogical, innovative, and research-based teaching method to promote knowledge and interest in the seafood and aquaculture industry.


Despite the industry’s opportunities, there is a huge demand for qualified work force and young, forward-thinking innovators who can contribute to the industry’s long-term growth and development.

Project goals

The overall goal with innovation camps in upper secondary schools (“videregående skole”) is to convey research-based knowledge and contribute to increased interest and competence about the aquaculture and seafood industry.

Furthermore, the project aims to attract talent to the seafood industry by demonstrating the opportunities available in the industry and meeting with young students before they make key decisions regarding further education.

About innovation camps

On each camp, the participants will get industry-based problems to solve and present within a specific time frame. The issues highlight major challenges in aquaculture that must be solved to achieve a more sustainable industry.

The schools will work with one of the three following questions:

  • How can we increase young people’s consumption of seafood? How can we best communicate about seafood to young people?
  • How can we utilize residual waste from aquaculture in innovative circular models to maximise resource use?
  • How can we limit the usage of plastics in aquaculture? How can be best replace the use of plastics in the industry?


In addition to Ungt Entreprenørskap, we are collaborating with NHH to use their “Start Smart” method, which is a method for starting up and developing team and groups. NHH also brings participants from their “Case club” to serve as mentors and jury to the students.

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund, the Norwegian Seafood Council and local seafood companies e.g., Nutrimar, Cargill, Grieg Seafood, Patogen, Biomar, Ragn-Sells and Lerøy Seafood will contribute as jury and mentors at various camps.


The camps will be held from June to December 2023, on different schools across Norway, from Stavanger to Kirkenes. We will have camps in the following counties: Rogaland, Vestland, Møre and Romsdal. Trøndelag, Nordland, and Troms and Finnmark. Read more about it here. Fride Iversen also wrote a comment about the project here.


At a glance

Project goal: To stimulate knowledge and talent attraction to the seafood industry

Project period: 2023

Financed by: Bergen municipality and the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund

Project focus: Future competence and talent attraction

Contact person:
Fride Iversen
Senior Project Manager
+47 48 21 57 77
"It's incredibly instructive to see the students' creativity when they work on some of the same problems that we work hard to solve in Lerøy. "
Linda Susan Jensen
Lerøy Seafood
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