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R&D – meetings

We aim to connect people, knowledge, and companies. Research and development meetings are an interdisciplinary meeting place where we gather relevant experts and researchers to discuss different subjects.

Examples of meetings

R&D meetings are an important place to discuss challenges, measures and future projects. Here are some examples from previous meetings:

Novel feed ingredients

Novel feed ingredients was on the agenda on the first meeting in 2022. The goal of the meeting was to get an overview on the existing development within novel feed ingredients to aquaculture, and it was decided to make a report on the matter. Thus, the R&D-meeting resulted in our first industry insight report called “Future ingredients for Norwegian salmon feed”.

Melanin spots in salmon fillet

On the second meeting of 2022 we gathered representatives from the whole value chain to discuss melanin spots in salmon filet. It is a significant issue because it affects both fish welfare and economy. Read more about it here.


Offshore kelp farming

December 13th, 2022 we had a R&D-meeting about offshore kelp farming. It is a growing industry with an enormous potential, but as always, new industries meet a lot of challenges. Check it out here.


Gill health 

In November 2023 we arranged a meeting about gill health. Gill diseases poses a significant challenge for fish welfare, and we gathered to discuss actions. Read about one of the takeaways from the meeting.


Pictures by: Peter Tubaas

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