R&D-meeting: Kelp farming offshore

Offshore and coastal kelp farming is an emerging industry with enormous potential. At the same time, it stands new industry facing major challenges; area requirements, biological, equipment and method-wise challenges and product and market development.

The aim of the meeting was to get an overview of the status of knowledge, survey the need for new knowledge, and further discuss how companies, with the help of R&D, can find solutions to the problems identified in the process. The meeting is the starting point for a larger project to establish cooperation R&D/industry. 

Read about kelp farming and the meeting here.

At a glance

Project goal: Bring major stakeholders together to establish an understanding of the complexities of offshore kelp farming.  The goal being to identify issues that are not presently addressed in ongoing projects. 

Project period: 2022

Funding: NOK 70 000

Financed by: Vestland Fylkeskommune/FORREGION Vestland 

Project focus: Identify where further research is needed.

Project value: Contribute to identifying critical issues in offshore kelp farming.

Contact person:
Björgólfur Hávarðsson
Innovation Manager
+47 92 21 27 27
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