R&D-meeting on melanin

Melanin spots in salmon fillets affect both fish welfare and economy, and it is a significant issue for the aquaculture industry.

The project is the second in a series of meetings financed by the Vestland county government through FORREGION Vestland.   

It resulted in a R&D meeting where leading stakeholders in industry and R&D met to discuss the current scientific bases and where our research and development should be focused to reduce the problem. 

Björgolfur Hávardsson and Espen Rimstad. Picture by Peter Tubaas

The meeting was held in collaboration with Bremnes Seashore at Bømlo on June 20th 2022 and efforts will be made to establish projects where current findings will be put into action, as well as identify and support new research projects to further resolve this issue. Read more about the meeting here.



At a glance

Project goal: Bring major stakeholders together to establish an understanding of where the research stands and how to proceed both in activating excising knowledge as well as to work to close the knowledge gaps that are present and identified 

Project period: 2022

Funding: NOK 70 000

Financed by: Vestland Fylkeskommune/FORREGION Vestland

Project focus: Identify where further research is needed

Project value: Contribute to resolve the issue of melanin spots in salmon fillet

Contact person:
Björgólfur Hávarðsson
Innovation Manager
+47 92 21 27 27
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