New educational programs within RAS

To reach the Clusters goal of sustainable growth and innovation, the need for new and updated programs within recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) has increased.

The Clusters target is to develop the next generation of seafood education to support the sustainable developement in the seafood value chain.

Based on feedback from our partners and members, there is a need to re-design the educational programs in RAS/closed/semi-closed systems.

Together with project «KABIS», OINC (Ocean Innovation Catapult), Western Counties and Vocational school, we have set an ambition to develop new and more updated educational programs for the industry. This is including continuing education and vocational technical college within new production methods.


At a glance

Project goal: New vocational school and continuing education within RAS

Project period: From 2019-2020

Financed by: Vestland County, Møre og Romsdal County

Funding: 1,5 MNOK

Project focus: New seafood education within RAS

Project value: Increased knowledge within RAS

Contact for project:
Benedicte Skogen
Competence Manager
+47 90 62 99 56
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