Seafood Next

Accelerating the competency for professionals new to the seafood industry.

To secure sustainable growth in the seafood industry, there is a constant need for knowledge to support the development in the seafood value chain. Knowledge sharing and talent development are key factors to our partners to increase the ability and knowledge to use and apply the latest technologies to be able to take action on sustainable growth.

To suppport the need for knowledge, the Cluster has developed a new competence program. Seafood Next is an international program for Professionals new to the seafood industry.

Seafood Next focus on sustainable growth and innovation throughout the seafood value chain. Through the program the participants will meet leading actors in the seafood industry, visiting fishfarms and hatcheries and get insight about the most important megatrends in the industry.

The one-year program is open for anyone that wants to further develop their Insight and knowledge of the global seafood industry, and the program will attract candidates with different expertise, education and positions.

Practical information:

  • 4 modules of 3 days
  • Language: English
  • Costs:
    • Administration fee:
      • All: NOK 10.000,-
    • Seafood Next Program:
      • NOK: 55.000,-
      • Members/partners: Free of charge*
    • Not included: Hotel, diet, travel
  • * Number of free candidates is according to member- and partnership agreement. Contact administration for more information. For startups and venture/risk capital members special terms apply.



At a glance

Project goal: Increase knowledge/competence within the seafood industry

Project period: From 2020

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation

Project focus: Knowledge program

Project value: Increase knowledge/competence to achieve sustainable growth and innovation throuhout the seafood value chain.

Contact person:
Fride Iversen
Senior Project Manager
+47 48 21 57 77
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