The use of artificial intelligence in aquaculture

AquaCloud is a big data project anchored in the industry’s need to build better tools for sea lice management. The data uploaded to the platform come from the sites that are in operation by the industry companies. The project is initiated by NCE Seafood Innovation, with cluster members Lerøy Seafood, ASA, Grieg Seafood ASA, Bremnes Seashore AS, Bolaks AS, Eide Fjordbruk AS and Lingalaks AS.

The project has evolved from being a pure sealice forecasting asset to become a hub of industry activities including companies from all sectors in the industry, members as well as non members.

The focus now is on unifying multiple industry efforts on standardisation:

  • Firstly one focuses onhardware/software/BI integrations. The aim is to develop an open internet of things (IoT) based standard allowing equal access to aquaculture management systems.
  • A much needed standardisation with in health and welfare – health data is presently reported from multiple systems with different suppliers. The scope here is to structure and standardize how data is gathered.
  • The third focus is on standardisation of environmental monitoring – Having experienced the importance of dependable environmental data the cluster has initiated a total review of an existing standard NS-9417.

AquaCloud in in the process of onboarding multiple new contributors with the aim of making such infrastructure, with standardised approaches, governance and API’s available for the industry at large

At a glance

Project goal: Introduce Big data og AI as tools for management and R&D in the seafood industry

Project period: From 2017

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, OINC, Lerøy Seafood ASA, Grieg Seafood ASA.

Project focus: Digitalisation

Project value: Establishing industry standards for data sampling and use in fish health and management reporting, analysis and forecasting.

Contact for project:

Jørn Torsvik
+47 900 25 686

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