The use of artificial intelligence in aquaculture


AquaCloud is a big data project anchored in the industry’s need to solve common challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth. It has transformed from being a pure sea lice forecasting asset to become a hub of industry activities including companies from multiple sectors in the industry.

The project is part of NCE Seafood Innovation, and began together with cluster members Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, Grieg Seafood ASA, Mowi ASA, Bremnes Seashore AS, Lingalaks AS, Eide Fjordbruk and Bolaks AS.

AquaCloud has evolved substantially since 2017, and today the project involves an even broader group of leading aquaculture companies.

The initial scope of this groundbreaking initiative was to establish a secure database for storing data and to use advanced analytics to identify where sea lice outbreaks were probable. This part of the project celebrated some success. However, data quality and dependability were insufficient to reach the ambitious goals at the time.

At the core of the project is the Data Platform which receives continuous updates from participating companies and represents a unique repository of high-resolution data from their farming operations.

Project goals

Based on the initial findings of lacking data quality, the project launched several workflows addressing standardization needs in the industry:

  • Sensor Data – an open IoT-based standard allowing equal access to aquaculture sensors and systems.
  • Fish Health – common standards for areas such as mortality causes and fish group identification as well as digital information exchange between various health and welfare entities.
  • Environmental Data – reviewed the environmental section of NS9417 standard on unambiguous terminology and methods for documentation of production.

AquaCloud will promote data sharing and utilization of value in data to realize sustainable value creation in the aquaculture industry.


In 2022 AquaCloud got financial support to work with a project called “AquaCloud – strengthened digitization in the Norwegian aquaculture industry”. Read more about it here.

AquaCloud participated in the working group for Industry Insight “Data sharing in the Norwegian aquaculture industry”. 

Digital Norway interviewed Kristian Blom, General Manager in AquaCloud. Read it here.


Participating companies

In 2023 the following companies deliver data to the platform:


At a glance

Project goal: Introduce Big data og AI as tools for management and R&D in the seafood industry

Project start: 2017

Financed by: AquaCloud is financed through partner contributions, Innovation Norway, and since 2019 also by Siva through the financing of Ocean Innovation Catapult Centre (OINC).

Project focus: Digitalisation, digital transformation and data sharing

Project value: Establishing industry standards for data sampling and use in fish health and management reporting, analysis and forecasting.

Contact person:
Kristian Blom
General Manager at AquaCloud
+47 91 64 20 72
"We depend on a strategy of open sharing because we all operate in the same fjords all the time. "
Einar Wathne
Chairman of NCE Seafood Innovation
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