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THE OCEAN is a global meeting arena facilitating new discoveries, connections, and collaborations aiming to strengthen the ocean economy through sustainable use of ocean resources. The meeting arena is initiated by ocean industries, academic institutions, and the public sector to increase knowledge sharing, cooperation, and technology development across ocean industries, and across industries and academia.

THE OCEAN was organized for the first time in 2019 in Bergen, the Ocean Capital of Norway, with hundreds of people gathering, networking, and exchanging experience and competence – all in the common interest for innovation and sustainability opportunities for the oceans.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we had to re-think THE OCEAN 2020. We transferred the event to a digital conference with plenum sessions, break-out sessions, and workshops, and with 38 participants on the digital stage. The speakers represented the ocean industries, different academic institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, students, and the government. 15 were present in person in a studio in Bergen and the rest of the speakers had live digital presentations from different parts of the world. Topics in the program were consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the “new normal” in a post-corona situation, investment opportunities in the ocean industries, and facts and trends for the businesses globally. In three break-out sessions, there was a focus on robotics and autonomous operations at sea, knowledge-based utilization of the oceans, and the reduction of carbon footprint. The 300 digital participants were given a selection of interesting presentations and opportunities for interaction through chats, workshops, 1-1 speed dating, and expo visits.

THE OCEAN 2021 concluded with a wealth of insight and knowledge presented by and discussed among renown experts from the ocean industries. Throughout this two-day conference, leading minds and renown authorities from many ocean-based firms and institutions shared their insights on the current state and future trends of the ocean industries. The theme for Day 1 of the conference focused on “Ocean Wealth” and “New Value Creation”. Key speakers from educational, financial, and other institutions spoke on the economic perspective towards sustainability within the ocean industries. Day 2 revolved around “Ocean Health” and “Ocean Knowledge”. Sustainable food cultivation, energy transition and data-driven ocean research were among the topics discussed. A highlight of the conference was the on-site podcast that was present. Conference partner PwC interviewed attendees with key industry knowledge. THE OCEAN is an arena for new discoveries, connections and collaborations across ocean industries and academia for the sustainable use of the oceans. For the first time ever, THE OCEAN was a hybrid event, held at Bergen’s Grieghallen for a limited capacity while simultaneously live-streamed.


Upcoming events:

THE OCEAN YOUNG 2022 will be organized 15. September 2022 together with partners of THE OCEAN

THE OCEAN 2023 will be organized in April 2023.

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