Meeting Arenas


Sharing industry insight and knowledge about the private and public innovation system, as well as facilitating new partnerships between innovators, is important in our mission to build the ecosystem for growth and sustainability in the seafood industry. The cluster has hosted physical meeting arenas since we first started, and now increasingly hybrid or fully digital to reach a broader audience and deliver value to our members in additional forms.

Together with strategic partners, we host targeted webinars on topics such as understanding changing market conditions, raising investor capital, and obtaining public funding from the Norwegian and European innovation system. Which complements the advisory services we offer to cluster companies. In addition, we host online industry events such as THE OCEAN, and closed cluster events such as Land Meets Ocean.

Stay updated by browsing our event calendar, subscribing to our newsletter, and following our LinkedIn page. Previous open events can be seen on our website in articles, our YouTube channel and closed events on Seapoint – our online resource base for cluster members.

At a glance

NCE Seafood Innovation hosts online events to share industry insight and specialist knowledge about the innovation ecosystem, to support innovators and their projects.

Organized by: NCE Seafood Innovation together with partners.

Contact person:
Benedicte Skogen
Communication and Event Manager
+47 90 62 99 56
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