Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult

The Norwegian Government’s goal is for Norway to become the world-leading ocean nation. Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult builds upon the Government’s strategy, where we further develop and create new ocean industries based on and in interaction between the existing industries; fishery, aquaculture, subsea, offshore energy production, maritime technology, and shipping.

Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult provides a national test, simulation, and visualization center for rapid prototyping and efficient verification of new solutions for blue growth and green transformation in the ocean industries. The center is established together with industry partners, a number of national ocean clusters, the Norwegian aerospace environment, and clusters with expertise in material technology and manufacturing – and has a strong focus on crossover and learning between different industries to assist industry companies, and especially SME’s with realizing sustainable growth.

If you have a solution for ocean industries, you can develop your idea in optimal and ocean-related environments towards a final product in the market by using the services for design, prototyping, testing, and verification. The center is headquartered in Bergen, where it is closely integrated with the leading innovation environment on Marineholmen. The facilities are located along the west coast – both in Bergen and in the rest of the region. In addition to facilities, education, training, training, and seminars are offered. Click here to explore our services.

At a glance

Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult provides world-leading expertise and test infrastructure to accelerate your idea towards the market to boost sustainable growth in the ocean industries.

Since 2018 — Ongoing

Partners: University of Bergen, GCE Ocean Technology, ILAB, Marineholmen, NCE Seafood Innovation, NORCE, DNV GL, CMR Prototech, VIS.

Contact person:

Bjarte Horn
Managing Director
Phone: +47 901 21 263
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